Some of Jim's references have commented on his work:

Jim has served as my business, marketing, computer, presentation, and Internet manager for over 10 years. We began working together on new web pages directed at patients and marketing letters for referring doctors, which soon evolved into presentation management and countless other projects. I depend on his PowerPoint expertise in my medical setting, where he polishes my presentations technically and grammatically and resolves the daunting videos technicalities. He has often come over at a moment’s notice when my computer eats a presentation at the last minute. He handles my odd and demanding deadlines with polish and finesse.

Many of my project expenses would either get out of control or not be successful without Jim’s knowledge and skills. He has performed several research evaluations on the practice to ascertain how to best allocate marketing expenses to achieve the maximum impact, while lending a hand to keep his efforts within budget whenever cash flow is tight. One series of changes implemented over a 6-month period increased new patients by 65% and revenue by 37%.

I love how he develops marketing strategies with a Christian background to meet the philosophy of the practice owner – me. He is very professional in his application of any knowledge or skills. I appreciate the effort he puts forth to make everything our practice does the best it can be. He is gifted at knowing when he needs outside knowledge or expertise and requests it up front; so that we are never slowed down. I would highly recommend him to any business that needs help with technical, marketing, or business related endeavors.

Keith A. Yount, DDS, MAGD, Raleigh Facial Pain Center


“This is a strong positive recommendation for Jim Martin who I have known for ten years. In the last year and a half we have worked closely together on a project called Asbury Community Network. Jim has demonstrated his excellent creativity and problem solving skills multiple times on this project. Many times he has developed and presented programs in a positive manner. He frequently brings his business experience, adaptibility and computer skills to bear on the task at hand. In short when Jim accepts an assignment I know it will be completed in a creative, professional and timely manner. He would be an excellent asset to any organization.”

Philip B. Huber, Regional Human Resources Manager, CertainTeed Corporation


I was the manager of IBM Marketing Intelligence and later manager of Lenovo Marketing Intelligence when Jim Martin worked for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim for any position in Market Intelligence or Market Analysis.

While Jim worked for me he always did an excellent job analyzing competitor products, strategies and providing the right recommendations to the product teams. When I needed someone to do challenging tasks, I could depend on Jim to find the key information to help executives make the best decision. Jim has great business, technical and marketing skills.

I've since retired, but I still depend on Jim for advice for the family business. His broad background and experience have been great for our company. His insight and vision would be a great benefit to any business.

I believe given the chance, Jim would provide the best advice to help increase any company’s long-term sales and profit growth. His passion for finding the data that moves the needle forward can’t be matched. To Jim it wouldn't be a job, it would be a mission. That’s the way it was with Jim when he worked for me and that’s the way it is today as he gives me counsel and advice for the family business."

Chuck Pecnik, Program Manager, Lenovo Group


“Jim is a versatile business and marketing leader who is adept at understanding complex customers and markets and is skilled at developing innovative strategies. Having worked with Jim on several committees, I experienced and appreciated his thought leadership, business acumen and professionalism. Jim would be an asset to any company looking to deliver superior business results in a competitive market.”

Ted Donnelly, Director, Software Alliances, AMD



"Jim worked in Worldwide Marketing Intelligence group at Lenovo providing insight into trends and directions for IT Software and Services. His contribution greatly influenced the overall direction for both ThinkPad and ThinkCentre lines. Jim proved to be detailed oriented, successful in defining internal customer requirements, worked within in a team environment, and communicated effectively with the Lenovo Executive team."

Gary Robinson, Director, Market Intelligence, Lenovo Group



"I have known Jim for nearly five years and worked with him on numerous projects and teams. His intelligence, determination, and hard work inspire everyone around him to reach for their best. Jim has an uncanny knack to see important details that few people see. He has added value to our organization in countless ways as he has unselfishly shared his time and talent to help serve others. It has also been my privilege to get to know Jim’s wife and children and see how he has invested wisely in the people around him. I cannot imagine a challenge that Jim would not and could not meet head on."

Terry Bryant, Sr. Pastor, Asbury UMC



“Jim was very effective in not only meeting my expectations but exceeding them. He could analyze large amounts of complex data and formulate clear and concise conclusions and recommendations. His presentations to senior division management were well-thought out and insightful.
He would go beyond the basic requirements of an assignment to view opportunities for how the division could improve its competitive position, lower its costs of operation or achieve higher customer satisfaction. He was a very positive asset and was able to express himself in a clear, concise manner. This business relationship existed for several years.
Jim would make an outstanding addition to any organization that needs someone with strong ambition, the ability to analyze complex problems and have the vision to understand what is needed to improve the situation. He is very well versed in both written and oral communication and has my highest recommendation.”

Mel Dubovick, Manager, Product Market Intelligence, IBM Corporation



"Jim and I worked very closely together on a number of critical projects. Our work involved business concept and plan development and required a great deal of business analytics and intelligence which Jim developed. Jim did an outstanding job with this work.

He was always accurate, thoughtful, and his work ethic and the quality of his work was outstanding. He always had a positive attitude and was a great team contributor. I completely enjoyed working with Jim and would recommend him without hesitation."
Tracy Barney, Director, Integrated Software, Lenovo Group


“Jim has deep IT product and services marketing insight. He helped me greatly in positioning the pricing, features and value of a new differentiated service into the US consumer and small business segments.”

Bob Dieterle, Executive Director, Worldwide Product Management & Marketing, Lenovo Group


"I highly recommend Jim as a seasoned, personable and highly capable writer. Jim has the ability to sift through mountains of technical details and craft the exact message appropriate for the audience. He writes effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences, always meets deadlines and provides good value in any project."

Bill Fletcher, President, Fletcher & Associates

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